Friday, March 10, 2017

To Mom, from Irene


I miss you every day. I never knew the depth of grief you felt when you lost your mom,
until I lost you. I feel like the last year prepared me but also took me away from you way
too early. We knew you were dying, but I don't know how much I realized that it was
coming so fast and how it would feel after.  I didn't know how much I'd miss all the little
things. First it was your voice I missed, and now it's every thing.

We shared a sense of humour and love of life. You gave me many gifts over the years.
The gift of laughter and appreciation for humour. The gift of loving animals and nature.
The gift of learning about myself and being proud to be a strong woman. I wish many 
times I were stronger, but you always were my #1 supporter and cheerleader. And now 
don't have that. I never knew how much I would miss that!

I wish I had a better chance to say goodbye to you. To say "mom, you lived a beautiful
life and I hope you saw that. I hope you saw how many people you touched. I hope you
saw the lasting legacy you left behind. Your grandchildren's smiles and laughter. Your 
adult children who despite our differences turned out okay and in one piece! The 
countless people you counselled and were a friend to. Your husband who you were
partners with for over 40 years and had a lovely life.

I hope you don't have regrets. I hope you are still out there somewhere. Maybe 
reincarnated or an angel or something. I hope you can hear me when I whisper to
you and tell you I miss you.

I love you mom and I miss you every day.